Don Siegel
6 May 2011

Don Siegel

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Selected Retrospective of his feature-length films

Donald Siegel directed more than 30 feature-length films, shot and worked with the greatest American studios, the greatest actors (Peter Lorre, Ida Lupino, Robert Mitchum, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood). Overhangs around his filmography like a lack of understanding from the general audience and movie lovers, linked to his image of a mercenary director. Yet, Siegel knew, despite all opposition, to compel his touch, in a remarkable and stunning way.

Paris Festival IFF has chosen to honor this fascinating director by screening of a selection of his feature-length films at Grand Action. Several screenings will be presented by film critics Jean-Baptiste Thoret and Serge Chauvin.

20 years after his death, it is time to rediscover Don Siegel.

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