Naomi Tani
23 juin 2011

Naomi Tani

Guest of Japanese Roman Porno Night

A true icon of Roman Porno, Tani Naomi, nicknamed ‘’the Marilyn Monroe of bondage’’ specialized in S&M films and became an international star of Japanese erotic cinema, like Pam Grier with 70s exploitation cinema. Discovered by Nikkatsu, one of the most prominent Japanese movie studios, she retired in 1979, boasting a career of more than a hundred films. The recent retrospectives and books about her work are proof that fans’ devotion is still very much alive thirty years after she retired from the screen.

During Japanese Roman Porno Night, the Festival will have the honor to welcome this actress who ‘turned to erotic cinema the way one would turn to religion’ (Yves Montmayeur), for the presentations of Yves Montmayeur’s Inside the pleasure dome of Japanese erotic cinema, an exploration of Japanese erotic imagination as exciting as it is controversial, and Black Rose Ascension by Tatsumi Kumashiro.

Japanese Roman Porno Night is Saturday, July 2 at Forum des images, starting at 8 pm.

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